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“Big enough to deliver, small enough to care” is a phrase many of us have seen before.

In this circumstance, that really is the case for Haven Financial Solutions. Our results and customer feedback speak for themselves.

Firstly, what results?

Haven Financial Solutions work under the financial network PRIMIS. PRIMIS look after around 1,000 firms and are the 2nd largest financial network in the UK. We consistently achieve excellent sales figures and 100% customer feedback within PRIMIS. Sales are monitored regionally and nationally. And customer feedback is independently monitored by feedback firm “Maze”.

Secondly, what feedback?

We receive feedback in a variety of ways from our clients. Some will e-mail us after working with us because they are delighted with the results we have achieved in comparison to their previous broker. Sometimes we will ask clients if we can use their scenario as a case study and we ask for a testimonial to accompany this. And others will provide feedback in response to PRIMIS’ automated independent feedback firm “Maze”.

To view a small selection of our client feedback please see our testimonial page here.

That said, in comparison to our competition we are a small firm with a handful of staff who each specialise in their individual role. This means that every client is important to us and whether your scheme is a 200 person, group scheme, or an individual policy, we want your business.

Our knowledge and understanding of the private health insurance market came as a byproduct from our original goal to provide business protection advice and support for small-medium firms.

Originally specialising in products such as Keyperson (Keyman), Shareholders Protection and Relevant Life etc. It quickly became clear that our clients often either had private health insurance or would like it. When asked if we could help, our passion to ensure that we delivered the very best outcome for our clients meant that we spent considerable time on each case, understanding every aspect of their policy before making our recommendation.

We quickly became proficient in private healthcare and so, combined with our determination to look after (and retain) our clients, we began to achieve excellent results. We continue to work in the same way and continue to achieve excellent results for our clients.

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