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Many business owners aren't aware of the options available to protect their business and their employees. There are various types of cover available to make sure that should anything happen to you or your employees, that the business is protected financially and can keep running smoothly.  

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We can help you cover your employees and make sure their families will be taken care of should they pass away. There are several options available for businesses such as: 

Key Person (Key Man) Insurance: 

Protecting your business should you, or a key member of your team, pass away, or become critically ill with a condition such as cancer, stroke, or a heart attack. 

Relevant Life Cover: 

A tax efficient way to protect your family by paying for your personal life cover through your Limited Company. 

Shareholders Protection: 

For businesses with more than 1 shareholder, this protects both your family and your business partners should you pass away. It ensures funds are available to the other shareholders of your business to purchase your shares from your estate. 

Loan Protection: 

Providing life cover and or critical illness cover for commercial loans or business purchase funding. This ensures your loan is repaid to your creditors should you pass away or suffer a critical illness during the term of the loan. 

Group Private Medical Insurance: 

Providing group Private Health Cover for some or all of your employees, with access to fast diagnostics and treatment of minor or major health conditions. You can include employees’ partners and children if required. Click here to visit our specialist health website. 

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