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Once of the areas in which Haven Financial Solutions Ltd excel is our unwavering attention to detail when it comes to choosing the right insurer for your needs.

We belong to PRIMIS which are one of the largest broker networks within the UK, giving us access the major UK insurers at extremely competitive rates.

The reason it is important to have access to a wide variety of insurers is that each clients circumstances are different, and this really is an example of where one size does not fit all.

When you think that each and every one of us have a unique combination of factors that insurers take into consideration when assessing cover, from age to smoker status, family history to our own health history, and lifestyle factors such as hobbies and occupation. Because of this, we all have a unique combination of factors which make up the terms we will be offered from insurers. And every insurer have their own underwriting criteria. Meaning one insurer may accept a person with no price increase, and no exclusions whereas another insurer may increase the price and exclude the condition disclosed.

As specialists in our area of advice, all advisers within Haven pride themselves on remaining up to date on insurers underwriting criteria and as such will know where best to place your policy to achieve the maximum amount of cover, at the lowest cost.

For those cases that require even more support, Haven have dedicated client co-ordinators who will work with our appointed account managers at each insurer to work out where best to place your application and at times will manage several applications on your behalf in order to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome. Giving us a range of terms to choose from.

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